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Reasons Why Thick Tyres Are Better Than the Standard Models


Reasons Why Thick Tyres Are Better Than the Standard Models

Often, you will hear about the thickness of tyres when it has to do with sports cars or off road vehicles. There are so many benefits for these cars to have thicker tyres on roads or other terrains. It is also beneficial to have these types of tyres on your standard 1.4L car.

Some drivers prefer the appearance or aesthetics of the thickness whereas other drivers are more into the practicality when it comes to the driving experience. These are the pros and cons of having thick tyres opposed to the standard versions.

The cons

1. You will have to consider the profile of the tyres so that speed and acceleration is not affected.

2. Unfortunately, not all cars are equipped with a large enough wheel well to accommodate such broader wheels.

3. Fuel consumption will be slightly higher due to the weight and increased torque being used overall.

4. These tyres do tend to be more expensive because of the reinforced material used to manufacture the product.

The Pros

1. Rainy weather will not be as much of a problem because more rubber is in contact with the road.

2. The thickness can distribute the weight better over a larger area. You will find it easier and safer to take corners at a higher speed.


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3. Rolling on an incline is slightly decreased because the tyres have more grips moulded in the tread. This could increase the lifespan of the clutch because less clutch control will be needed

4. Wear will also be distributed evenly as the heat will also be distributed evenly. When wear is uneven, problems such as unbalanced and unaligned wheels arise. With time, the wheels could become extremely damaged and would need to undergo expensive repairs.

5. Better grip can also help you to take corners at a higher speed and you will be able to experience a smoother drive at high speeds without as much vibration.


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NOTE: When changing the tyres of your car, it is important to test the compatibility. Some cars were not made to be modified to such an extent as modifications could actually influence the overall driving experience in either a positive or negative way. It is to your discretion whether you make changes to your car in terms of the wheels and tyres.


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